CRAWFORD COLLEGE LA LUCIA: The First Musical Lunchbox 2013

With the usual Crawford excellence, our year has started off with a bang with some awesome cultural programmes lined up for the year. One took shape last week, as hordes of teachers and students shuffled through the doors of the library in order to nab a good seat – not out of desperation to escape the heat, but rather to sit back, relax and enjoy the first Musical Lunchbox of 2013.

This year’s opening performance was a journey into more modern genres of music, though I’m sure we can expect something classical later in the year. But before we talk music, let’s take a look at the line up of performers: Jude Ganesan who has remoulded his musical identity to include vocals as well as drumming; drummer, Ray Morgan who seems recently to have added vocals and guitar to his musical repertoire and Crawford’s own nightingale, the gorgeous, golden-voiced Christina De Villiers. Also on the programme was Diana Dallhund , a relative new-comer to Crawford’s musical stage, but whose husky voice and soulful guitar add layers of texture to any performance. Then there was our maestro, Terrance Lin who not only excels in classical music, but in modern genres as well. Last, but by no means least, there were our fabulous backing singers: Mzethi Nkosi, Courtney Warren and Monique Naude, whose velvety tones give an added dimension to the music as a whole.

The opening number of this year’s concert was a heartfelt rendition of, “And if My Heart Should Somehow Stop” by Vincent McMorrow, which was performed by Ray and Jude. The song is on the debut album which Mc Morrow released in 2010 titled, The Early Morning and deals with the ups and downs of love. The tender mood of this song was perfectly captured by Ray and Jude. Next up, Jude was joined by Diana and Terrance to perform “Distance”, by Christina Perri (which features Jason Miraz). This song revolves around the same theme as the former song but focuses more on the pain of being separated from the one you love, which was beautifully expressed by the performers.

Finally to bring the performance to a close, the audience was treated to an amazing rendition of “Home” by Phillip Phillps (Winner of American Idol Season 11) which was sung by Christina, and the previous trio. “Home” is a soothing sort of song which is categorized under the genre of pop rock. The melody of the song plays with various harmonies which were gorgeously supplied by our backing singers. The performance received a standing ovation, which unfortunately signified the end of the concert. If you were unfortunate enough to miss this musical gem, do not despair! You can catch the next Library Concert on the 13th of February during second break. See you then!

Aresh-Bharat Ramlall

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